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A Place of Sanctuary

At WestWind, worship is celebration.

  • We celebrate who God is.
  • We celebrate what God has done, is doing, and will do.
  • We celebrate who we are called to be as children of God.
  • In all of this, we celebrate God’s love.

Our worship seeks to assure you that WestWind is a place where you can belong. As a “priesthood of all believers,” our members help our pastor plan and lead worship. The language is understandable; the themes are relevant. In utilizing our creativity and sharing our individual gifts and talents, sacred space is created to encounter the Holy.

In keeping with our Disciples theology, we believe Word and Table go together, so we celebrate the Lord’s Supper each time we worship. The Lord’s Table is an open table, so we welcome everyone who believes in Jesus as Lord and Savior. The Lord who is Host at the Table calls us to be in community and to ensure there is a place at the Table for everyone.

WestWind worships at 10:30 a.m. on Sundays. We hope you will choose to worship with us!

A Place of Community

WestWind is a community where you can connect, where you can belong. Through worship, small groups, outreach projects, choir, and special events, relationships and community are built. We share our lives with one another, finding encouragement and support knowing that none of us walk this journey alone. Every gathering is an opportunity to connect with God and with one another as we recognize we were created to be in community. These relationships extend beyond the walls of the church building as we seek to truly live out the call to love God and love our neighbors. Come see where the Spirit leads you to find your community at WestWind.

Come see where the Spirit leads you to find your community at WestWind.

A Place of Youth


WestWind is committed to providing a strong foundation of faith for our children. Our grade school kids gather to learn and grow in their relationship with the Lord and with one another. We balance learning with hands-on activities while having fun. We value all ages and encourage our children to take part in the full life of the church, including leading in worship and participating in church-wide events. Our Children Worship & Wonder is a special worship service for our children that gathers on Sunday’s at 9:15am. In addition to regular programming, our children love to take part in special events such as community Easter egg hunts, Vacation Bible School, WestWind’s community Pumpkin Patch and summer camp at Disciples Crossing in Athens, Texas..


Westwind has an active group of middle and high school aged youth who meet weekly to expand their knowledge of the Bible and grow in their faith. We value all ages and encourage our youth to take part in the full life of the church, including leading in worship and participating in church-wide events. Our youth openly accept any young person who wants to know more about Jesus without judgement or membership requirements. Our youth groups enjoy regular fellowship events and outings throughout the year. They actively participate in regular mission work in our community and beyond via mission trips. WestWind’s youth are also active in summer camps and retreats at Disciples Crossing in Athens, Texas.

Children’s Worship & Wonder Worship

Young children know, love and worship God, but most worship is structured and full of words and symbols based on stories and memories children do not yet have.

Our children have the opportunity to encounter and worship God in a manner meaningful to them. They enter into a sacred time and place where they can be with God, hear the stories of God, talk to God, and listen to God. They participate in a ritual of worship which corresponds to WestWind’s order of congregational worship. The worship center is a structured environment in which the children can abide in God’s love as experienced in Biblical stories, parables, and liturgical presentations, so that they may experience meaning and order in their lives and, as the body of Christ, live as Christ’s ministers in the world.

Our Children’s Worship & Wonder meets on Sunday’s at 9:30am in the Wee Worship Room. We welcome ages 2years-5th grade

A Place of Outreach

We are Disciples of Christ, a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.

We believe we are called to partner with Christ to be his hands and feet, working towards wholeness, healing, and justice for all peoples. In addition to monetarily supporting the ongoing good work of local and global non-profits and mission organizations, we also offer our time and efforts in hands-on service. WestWind’s Community Garden “plants hope and grows faith” year-round, working alongside our neighbors to create beauty and donate produce to the hungry. Our outreach includes all ages as we seek to make a difference as a community. We believe Jesus Christ can be seen in everyone.

WestWind is small enough for you to belong and big enough to make a difference! We continually look for ways we can expression Christian compassion and caring “from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth.”

A Place of Music

We believe that our purpose is to worship and glorify God through music. Through this work, we enhance worship for ourselves and for others in the congregation. Singing in a choir provides fellowship with one another as we work together and offer prayers for each other, the church, and the community. The music ministry at WestWind provides a place to share our talents and gifts.

The WestWind Adult Choir is under the direction of Will McLean. Anyone who enjoys singing is welcome. We sing all genres of music from English Cathedral to Spirituals, to the most current music of the church. We encourage soloists and instrumentalists to share their talent. We practice on Wednesday night from 7:15 to 8:30. We have a short rehearsal on Sunday morning if we are singing an anthem.